Withershins interprets Irish traditional music with a youthful playfulness. Romping with jigs, caressing a waltz or bashing their way through a reel; they have respect for the tradition, but approach it with a wink and a good dose of rebellion. Traditional tunes are carefully selected and provided with a modern arrangement, while the twists and turns of their original tunes knock you off balance. The melodies are interspersed with striking murder ballads or comical pubsongs.” Visit website

Saffron Sun will take you on a musical journey around the world, from a Hungarian wedding to a Parisian streetcorner, from the coffeehouses of Istanbul to the bustling streets of Delhi. Their concerts are one big cooking pot of gypsy and swing, balkan, klezmer, Turkish and Oriental music and anything else that tickles their fancy. Sometimes intense and danceable, sometimes heartbreaking, but always virtuose and passionate.” Visit website